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Learn to Read Hebrew in 6 Weeks - The Book

I’ve made my fun, easy system into a full color book. You can find it at most online book retailers.

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The positive feedback on my book has been incredible. It’s so inspiring to hear real people who succeeded with their goal of reading Hebrew.  The book has ONLY received 5 star reviews!!

Here’s what people are saying:

This is worth every penny! You can read Hebrew in one day. I am not kidding. I just did half the book in the past hour. She’s amazing.”  

JJ an Amazon verified purchase

“…Other beginner Hebrew books seem intimidating but this book makes learning the letters and sounds so easy! The quality of the book is exceptional, the pages and cover are sturdy and not likely to rip or bend, which means a long shelf life with lots of use… I will be recommending this book to all of my friends who are interested in learning Hebrew.”

~ Linda Breeding an Amazon verified purchase

“I am taking her class on Periscope and using the book with the class to further help me. She makes it VERY easy to understand and the pictures make it easy to remember the letters. I highly recommend to everyone.”

~ Heather Bleacher

Simply stated with cute pictures. I feel able to read anything in Hebrew now. Fluidity will come with practice, but she makes it easy to remember similar letters. Perfect for any level.”

~ SSachs an Amazon verified purchase